Hot Work Permit / Gas Free Permit / Confined Spaces Entry Permit / Benezene Test

We offer a reasonable fee for Hot Work Permit, Confined Spaces Entry Permit and other services which includes a risk assessment report and processing of related documents required by Maritime and Port Authority Of Singapore (MPA) & Port of Singapore Authority (PSA)

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Hot Work Permit

Any non-production or maintenance job that involves cutting, welding, grinding, open flames, or creating heat and/or sparks and isn't carried out in a permanently designated hot work area needs a hot work permit.


Gas-Free Permit

When preparing the vessel to certify that it's free from flammable vapor in confined spaces/cargo tanks making sure that is safe for men entry to conduct general inspections/survey/de-mucking works or changing of ownership

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Work at Height Permit

Work that has been identified as potentially dangerous when working at heights is managed through a formal paperwork process called the permit to work for Work at Height (WAH)

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Benzene Test

Carry out Benzene Test on petroleum cargo as per client's request (USCG, MSCFE, etc).

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Risk Assessment Reports

Provide risk management consultancy services in all activities including (Vessel's Undergoing Repairs) also provide risk assessment as required by MOM's Workplace Safety and Health Act

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Confine Space Entry Permit

Confined space entry permit is a document that outlines the proper procedure for entry and exit, as well as any special requirements, into any confined spaces.

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Established in 2001, formerly known as ”Caseth Marine Consulting” our company’s set-up consisted of experienced and qualified safety professionals in marine, construction and general industries.

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